The Young & Active Starter Package

($200)   $180

  1. Who is this for?
  • This package is for both males and females and is considered the entry-level health screening (18 years old and above). You are quite healthy and want to be on top of your healthiness, especially if you are thinking of leading an even more active lifestyle.
  1. Key features:
  2. Consultation with a doctor
  3. Body composition analysis (height, weight, Body Mass Index)
  4. Assessment of arteries and cardiovascular risks (Blood pressure, Pulse Rate)
  5. Assessment of the heart with Resting Electrocardiograpy (ECG)
  6. Blood tests:
  • General overview of health, including an assessment of the immune system (Complete blood count with differential)
  • Assessment of cardiovascular risks (Cholesterol panel, glucose)
  • Assessment of kidney functioning and damage (Urine analysis)


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